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About Rebecca Jane


As a child, I was free-spirited, and enthusiastic. I greeted life with open arms, had hopes, dreams and aspirations. 

As is the case for all of us, life threw unexpected events my way. At the age of 12 I didn’t respond well to my parents’ messy divorce. 

From this space of confusion and hurt, I then struggled to navigate my teenage years, making very questionable choices, doing whatever I could to escape my emotions. This numbing continued until my early 20s when I spiraled down to dangerous lows, depressed and suicidal, I finally hit my breaking point. 

I remember not being able to be alone, in my own company I would start crying and not be able to stop. I had reached the point at which I was so lost and empty, I couldn’t see the way out. 

With the loving help of my family and close friends, I slowly began to climb out of the destructive path I had taken. Within a year’s time, I gained newfound inner strength and began to believe in the possibility of my personal happiness. 

Still, I didn’t understand why I ventured down this self-destructive path when others beside me had not. That is when my interest in human behavior and the power of the mind came to the forefront.  

After seven years of studying psychology in depth, alongside a full-time job,I graduated with my degree and a sense of renewed purpose. However again, like so many of us, my path had also taken me down the road of marrying, buying a home, and starting a family. My corporate career had me earning good money… financial security that seemed impossible to walk away from. Although I felt my life begin to weigh heavily on me, I decided the sensible thing to do at that point was to take a promotion (and salary increase) at work and put my passion on hold. 

Over the next ten years, I worked tirelessly. And even with my education and awareness, I found myself in a broken marriage just like my parents’. As I let my own health, energy, and time take a back seat to everyone else around me, I felt an overwhelming sense of emptiness…despite having a full bank account. I could feel myself slipping back to the depression that I once had climbed out of.  

Life then handed me the news that I was pregnant with twins, which meant that I would soon be a single mother of three. I had to do something. I refused to go back to the self-destruction and depression of my 20s again. 

So I began looking for answers. I sought counseling and personal development courses. Engaged, present, and full of ideas, I felt alive again for the first time since university. This feeling became the path I knew I needed to follow. 

Although many parts of me resisted investing in myself, whether that meant time or money, I felt called to do something about it. I needed to take the leap…I needed to trust myself and see where it took me. 

This is how I became an avid student of the unconscious mind. As I learned from the Pioneer and Creator of Archetypal Coaching and Matrix Therapies, and studied NLP in depth I began to see the unconscious programming causing years of self-sabotage, originating from the events of my childhood and my parents’ relationship to my destructive teenage years. I began to see clearly how my choices kept guiding me so far away from my passions and purpose. For the first time, I didn’t feel helpless when I thought about turning my life around. 

Since then, I’ve grown into a woman on a different path — one with a partner I’m deeply connected to, fulfilling relationships, energy to nurture my children and most importantly myself, now with this self-love and determination I work to inspire the minds of others to recapture their free spirit.  

It is only in looking back at my own life’s path that I can see so clearly how the past can hold us back. Negative programming and damaging self-talk robs us of the right we have to living a life that not only looks good from the outside but feels right on the inside.  

You can have a life filled with your own Success, Love, and Happiness. Allow me to take what I’ve learned from decades of life experience and study and apply it to your everyday life. Let’s work together to rediscover what truly matters to you in life, and to remove the blocks that are stopping you from living it. 

My life’s purpose is now to help you live the life your heart desires. Shall we begin?