NLP - Communication & Influence Skills

Do you want to communicate more effectively in life? Have more effective discussions with your kids, spouse, boss, clients, or team members?  Perhaps you want to improve your sales and negotiation skills?  Or, even become an Accredited NLP Practitioner yourself? 

This evening event introduces the highly effective techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) -- a fast and powerful tool for self-empowerment, change, communication, and influence in both personal and professional relationships.   

Register now to learn more about our NLP Training Programs, including the techniques, concepts, course content, and learning outcomes. 

Or join us for a Focus Group Workshop ($47) to see  theNLP techniques in action! In each session we explore a specific NLP concept, apply practical examples, and utilize exercises to enhance your understanding and demonstrate how you can apply these new skills in the area of life most important to you right now.    

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Spaces are limited to 20 participants and fill up quickly, so get in early to secure your place. 



Each business is unique, facing different challenges at different stages of growth.   Individual team members attitudes and behaviours, along with team dynamics, are crucial to maintaining a positive culture and high performance. 

If your team is not performing, lacks cohesion, or requires a jump start, this is where we can help. Inspired Minds Academy can tailor coaching and training programs to meet your specific business objectives and individual team members development goals.   

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