Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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NLP - Communication & Influence Skills    



Do you want to communicate more effectively in life? Have more effective discussions with your kids, spouse, boss, clients, or team members?  Perhaps you want to improve your sales and negotiation skills?  Or, even become an Accredited NLP Practitioner yourself? 

What is NLP? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  is a fast and powerful tool for self-empowerment, change, communication, and influence.   

NLP uses the latest developments in neuroscience mixed with over 40 years of practical experience to create a step-by-step system that allows you to understand how the human mind processes information. Working with this knowledge, you can enhance your communication and persuasion skills and get results fast in both your personal and professional life. 

Unlike counselling and psychology fields which focus on and study the dysfunctional people, NLP evolved from the Human Potential Movement of the 1970s and is based on the psychology of success. As a result, its processes are designed to help you excel and fulfill your potential in a way that is both rapid and satisfying.  

NLP has been used in the human potential coaching, parenting, leadership, management, team building, and sales and marketing industries to understand differences in people and enhance results.   


Here is how you can learn the skills of Performance Enhancement with NLP


NLP Focus Group Workshops   

Taste Tester  - 2 hours

See NLP techniques in action! A sneak peak at specific NLP concepts.  In each workshop we explore a specific NLP concept, apply practical applications to enhance your understanding and demonstrate how they can be applied in the area of life most important to you right now.


Spaces are limited to 20 and fill up quickly, so book early to secure your spot


NLP for Personal & Professional Development

Communication and Influence Skills – 3 Day Course  


Communicate more effectively in life, with your kids, spouse, boss, clients or team members.  Improve your sales, negotiation and influencing skills.   

This course covers all the NLP concepts and techniques that can be applied to everyday life.  We'll look at how the human minds processes information, our unique communication styles, and how to truly connect with people.  Learn how to empower yourself and others around you now.  


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NLP Practitioner  (Accredited)

Become a Certified NLP Practitioner  - 7 day course


Already a coach, counsellor, psychologist or alternative therapy practitioner and want to add NLP to your qualifications?  Or, become a qualified NLP Coach in 1 week? 

Inspired Minds Academy has fully qualified trainers who meet the highest standards of the Australian Board of NLP.    

Obtain your Practitioner Certification with us and gain accreditation with the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) plus hours towards the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) recognised Coaching Qualification.   

Our 7 day Accredited Practitioner training delivers comprehensive training in all NLP concepts and techniques including Time Based Therapies and everything you need to start creating rapid change for your clients immediately.  

You will also receive a Home Study Manual and all of the class material on Audio CDs to refer back to in at any time.    

Unlike other NLP training companies, we limit enrollments to ensure an intimate class experience. You get personal attention and support throughout the course, which is important as this information is quite profound, and we want you to get the most value out of our training to go on and become highly effective practitioners.  


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